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Thinking of selling your motorhome?
Take the stress out of selling your motorhome by choosing
Go Solent to sell on your behalf.
Our Sales Scheme
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We offer a peace of mind hassle-free service, which will give you a much higher value return once the vehicle has been sold and collected by the new owner.

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We will sell and display your motorhome and update you regularly on the status of your motorhome sale, via text and email.

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The motorhome will be sold to include:

  • 3 Months Warranty
  • Full Preparation Valet
  • Habitation Check
  • Service & MOT

From day 1, we will agree the amount of money you will receive and our rate of commission.

How It Works

STEP 1 - Valuation

The first step is to get in touch with us. We will discuss the motorhome you wish to sell and, on inspection, will give you the current market value and what we can expect to achieve for you in the current market conditions. We will then agree a commission fee, should you wish to use our service.

STEP 2 - Get Ready for Marketing

Once a price has been agreed, we will give the motorhome a full valet to prepare the vehicle for marketing. A detailed description of your motorhome will be produced, including a detailed layout plan, professional photography and a walk-through video.

STEP 3 - Marketing & Managing

Once completed, we will advertise your motorhome on all major platforms ensuring that your vehicle is cast over the widest possible net.

We manage all aspects of the sale from initial enquiries, negotiations and payments to completing the vehicle handover.

STEP 4 - Completion & Handover

Once a sale has been agreed, the ‘purchaser’ will deposit the fund directly into your bank account. Following the bank transfer, we will hand over your motorhome to the new owner.

Finally, we will invoice you for our commission at the agreed rate.

Now that you are familiar with the simple steps it takes to get your motorhome on the market, contact Go Solent today.

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